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Welcome to Cuddle With Corwin!


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Cuddle With Corwin is a professional cuddling and therapeutic touch service, located in Brooklyn, New York.


I provide a space for you to feel safe, happy, and fully accepted. Our cuddle session is about your needs and how I can care for you. Please see my videos for more information about cuddle sessions.

Physical touch is wonderful for the body and mind, and research has shown that it is important to health, well-being, and happiness. I have written about this myself on my blog Everyday Mental Health, you can read the post here.


I will help you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive, and create a calm, healing space where we can explore how you would like to receive physical touch. I will give you the lived experience of complete respect for your boundaries and comfort.

Through communication, trust, gentle touch, and your preferred cuddle positions, I will let you relax, set your mind at ease, and find the powerful benefits of cuddling.


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“I felt extremely comfortable throughout the entire session. Corwin did an awesome job explaining the process, the code of conduct, and keeping me at ease in general. This was my first experience with cuddling and it was very positive. Corwin did a great job leading me through my first cuddling experience. At the onset I let him know that this was my first time cuddling and that I would like him to lead. Corwin was extremely intuitive and made me feel very comfortable, relaxed, and secure.Corwin has an affable disposition; his ability to put me at ease and make me feel so safe and relaxed in only 60 minutes was amazing. After the session I was ready to book another.”

– Tyler

“I met with Corwin today for the first time. I’ve had some rough personal issues happening and came across his webpage. He was accommodating and was able to squeeze me in. I opted for a 90 minute cuddle session and was glad that I did. He is so kind and warm in his approach and discussion. He explained how the session works, how open communication is important and that it is non-sexual. He held/cuddled me on a day that I needed it most. He made me feel safe and secure immediately and brought my entire being to a calm state of mind. I was so sad that 90 minutes happened so quickly, but realized that this is something I need to do for myself again in the future. Human touch, kindness, and compassion is something that we all need and can benefit from. Thank you, Corwin.”