My Approach

My priority when I am cuddling with you is that you feel safe.  What cuddling looks like depends on what you are comfortable with. It can be anything from talking to hugging to a massage to simply breathing together – or, whatever else you think of.

I am calm, caring, and confident, and dedicated to making you feel comfortable. I have a decade of experience coaching athletics, which has taught me how to connect with people and lead, and three years experience working as a counselor, which has taught me how to listen deeply. Along with respecting what you say to me, I will also be sensitive to your unspoken concerns, and will be mindful of your physical and mental tension or discomfort, which is sometimes hard to express.

On top of the many benefits research has shown we receive from physical contact, safe and comforting touch is the primary way to express and receive love for many people. Often it is difficult to find the right environment to receive that touch, and I can provide the physical and emotional safety for you to find that.


During A Session

I am happy to host you in my apartment, or to travel to you. Cuddling is usually on a designated cuddling pad or on my couch, with blankets in case you get cold. I can provide music, or you are welcome to bring your own, if you would like music during our session. I have no pets.
Cuddling can be anything you want, and I will do my best to make our session everything you are looking for, while respecting my own boundaries. That could be simply sitting together, talking, a gentle massage, breathing together, lying down and cuddling, or whatever else helps you relax and feel safe.

I will begin the session by exploring what you are comfortable with and where your boundaries are, to ensure that we start off in a place you are comfortable with. After that, I will offer to coach you through expressing your needs, which will build our trust in communication with each other. I will maintain ongoing communication around your comfort levels, and will create space for you to let me know if your comfort changes.

After we have established trust and comfort, we will move on to finding the perfect way to cuddle for you!

Before A Session

Before we begin a session, we will talk on the phone, by skype, or meet at a public location. Please allow 15-20 minutes for this conversation. If we have not met face to face, we will meet outside the space we plan to cuddle in to introduce ourselves before going inside.

Some of the things I like to ask all my clients are:

  • What are you hoping will happen in our session?
  • How can I help you feel comfortable?
  • Is there anything you would like to avoid?

Many people do not know the answers to these questions right away. I will guide you in exploring these questions, and will help you learn what you are comfortable with. Like all learning, this is a process and will take time.