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Cuddlist Code of Conduct


 Client and practitioner both verify that they are at least 18 years of age and thereby able

to give consent.

 This is a non-sexual service. Both clients and practitioners agree to not pursue or

encourage sexual arousal.

 Client and practitioner both agree to practice consent and attention to personal

boundaries at all times.

 Client and practitioner will communicate to find what is mutually comfortable

throughout each session. This applies to all communication prior to and after sessions

as well.

 Client confidentiality is to be respected at all times.

 Client and practitioner both agree to be free from any mind altering substances during

the sessions and thereby fully present and able to give consent.

 Minimum clothing of tank top and shorts to mid thigh for both practitioner and client at

all times.

 No hand to genital contact or intentional genital stimulation of any kind.

 No exchanging of saliva in any way.

 No eating of brown m&ms during cuddling sessions.

 Either party may end the session at any time.

 Client agrees to fully disclose any diagnoses or conditions that may affect their session

to the practitioner.

 Client and practitioner both agree to respectful personal hygiene. Client will let Cuddlist

know if any practitioners do not have acceptable personal hygiene.


You can also view the full Code of Conduct on Cuddlist.